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Why Blondes Have More Fun
_____ Ok, think about it for a moment (and please, don't take that the wrong way). Blonde hair . . . be it Honey-Blonde, Caramel-Blonde, Dirty-Blonde, Tow-Head-Blonde, Golden-Blonde or Lemon-Blonde, Etc., . . . symbolizes youth, innocence and above all perfection! We already know we’re perfect . . . that’s obvious. Blonde hair is as close to having “white” hair as you can get, and white is the quintessence of purity; in other words, perfection. Flawlessness. It’s actually quite literal when you look at it, but youth and innocence? That may throw you off a little, but allow me to elaborate.

_____ With youth, blondes are allowed to be a little more laid-back, a little more easy-going . . . and most importantly, a little more immature than say that brown-headed battle axe next door. But it’s not the blonde that chooses this lifestyle. This identity is one society has placed on us. The beauty of the matter lies in the fact that we are . . . and everyone knows it . . . quite capable of living up to the standards of life that need to be met. We can hold down supreme jobs, persuade, push people around and get ahead in life just like the rest of the world . . . but we can, metaphorically speaking, downshift every once in a while instead of remaining in high gear all the time. Tell me that’s not a plus. Now we have time to go out and take over the world, instead of just talking about it.

_____ Innocence. Well, here’s a little known secret: blondes aren’t as innocent as they appear. However, the whole hair color ordeal gives us that façade, which at first may seem a tad bit degrading . . . when in fact it is actually the best gift our parents could have bestowed upon us. Look at it this way . . .

_____ What hott guy is going to ask some “been there, done that” appearing brunette to go scuba diving with him off the shores of Jamaica next month, when a blonde bombshell is standing there in wide-eyed wonderment? Our innocent look is alluring; it makes people want to show us the world. They want to teach us things, show us things, just to get the satisfaction of seeing that brightened look on our face when we’ve come across something new. If that’s not gratitude, I don’t know what is.

_____ In closing, blondes have more fun. You just can’t argue with perfection.

Written by CC